Fees – Updated January 2015                                                              Full Day 7.30am – 6pm

*minimum of two sessions (equal to one full day)

Full DaysWeekly CostMonthly Cost (52 weeks Divided by 12 Months)
5 Days£175.00
4 Days£148.00£641.33
3 Days£115.00£500.50
2 Days£80.00£346.67
Single Day£40.00£173.33

Morning 7.30am – 1pm

*minimum of two sessions must be taken

Cost per session: £24.00This includes breakfast & cooked lunch with desert.

Out of School Club (Up to 8 yrs)

We can arrange pick up from our local school, Clarendon Road Primary.  Bookings for the before and after-school club must be made a week in advance.

Breakfast Club:

7.30am – 9am £6.00 per session

After School Club

3.30pm – 6m £9.00 per session

Afternoon 1pm – 6pm

*minimum of two sessions must be taken.

Cost Per Session: £24.00This includes a snack & light tea.

Holiday Club (Up to 8 yrs)

Please note we have limited places for the holiday club, and priority is always given to parents already using the nursery.  Bookings for the holiday club can be made in advance prior to holidays but must be paid for in full upon booking .Alternatively places must be paid for in full 1 week in advance subject to availability.

Bookings for the holiday club are non- refundable.

Full Day

7.30am – 6pm £25.00

Half days

7.30am – 1pm or 1pm – 6pm £15.00 per session